Looking for Love

Today, in the 21st Century, it is considered that there are now 7 social classes and these are:

  • Elite – The most privileged of the classes have usually been to private school or one of the better universities and probably enjoys classical music and opera.
  • Established Middle Class – The second most affluent group of people enjoy a wide variety of social activities and are most likely to be in one or other of the more traditional professions.
  • Technical middle class – Although a small group, members of this new class are distinctive and prosperous. Usually coming from middle class backgrounds, they tend to work in either in the fields of science or technology. This group often socializes among themselves or on the social media.
  • New affluent workers – This group, although not well-off, are financial secure. They have lots of cultural interests and have usually come from working class backgrounds.
  • Traditional working class – This group has the oldest average age and usually stays away from emerging cultures, such as social media.
  • Emergent service workers –This group will have been to high school and know people from all the other groups. They will take part in a wide variety of cultural activities but are not usually financial secure.
  • Precariat – This is the poorest group and so 80% will rent their homes and do not own them. This group tends to socialize amongst itself and don’t have too broad a range of social interests.


Although many of these groups perhaps prefer to date someone from the same group, it was particularly difficult for the elite group to find someone suitable to go on a date with. Any chance encounter with a potential date may not immediate disclose what group that person was in and so could lead to being a waste of time. It wasn’t just that the potential date may not be so wealthy but it would also mean that they probably had totally different ideas of what fun was, preferring hip-hop to classical music.

Online Dating Sites

Although this elite group could of course join a dating site, it would take them hundreds of searches of profiles to find someone suitable. Until recently that is. More recently, there have emerged elite dating sites which specifically cater to this group of people, making them a far more feasible option. These specialized dating sites have extensive questionnaires about where and what education members have, what are their backgrounds, interests and perhaps professions. This makes it easier for a member of the elite to find exactly what they are looking for quickly.

Traditional Dating

Although for people in other groups, the traditional manner of finding dates may still be suitable but the fast life styles and busy business schedules of the elite, made the old style of finding dates virtually impossible. With their bust schedules, it was very important that although they could find time to date, they could not afford the time dating people that were unsuitable. Specialist dating sites now help them to avoid this.

No Risk

Not only do these new dating sites make it easier but there are no risks involved as they can try free trials, completing their questionnaires and viewing possible matches, prior to even committing to join. Like many other dating sites, these new specialist dating sites offer discretion both whilst just looking for dates and after you have found one.

Lasting Relationships

As these specialist dating sites cater to the elite, many people of like minds are on them and they are rapidly becoming the place to find partners for meaningful and lasting relationships. Knowing about the person because of the extensive questionnaire, before you date them, helps to achieve this. Although you will be asked specifics about potential partners and be shown a list of members that meet your specifications, you can request that those that fail to meet just one of your specifics, perhaps age or distance from you, can also be added, giving you a far wider selection to choose from.

Comment, male age 28 – “Although I had tried many different dating sites, I just was not able to find anyone that shared my love of the opera but now I’ve joined one of the elite sites, there are plenty of potential partners to choose from so I never have to go to the opera alone again.”

Female aged 25 commented, “Whoever I dated on other dating sites, always wanted to either go straight to bed or go clubbing. Now I have joined one of the elite dating sites though, I have found people that prefer much more suitable activities like a concert or the opening of a new gallery. Thankfully I should never have to visit one of those so called clubs again.”